Facing Litigation For Collections And Foreclosures

Getting Sued By Your Credit Card Company

If you are significantly behind on credit card payments or have stopped paying them altogether, the credit card company may try to recover the debt by serving you with a lawsuit. Though some people may see little harm in ignoring this notice, choosing to do so can have severe consequences. The credit card company may seek judgment from the court, allowing the creditor to garnish your wages or worse, seize your bank accounts.

If you choose to face the civil action, you may not be prepared for the complexity of the laws involved or how stressful legal proceedings may be. In the end, you may feel in over your head and ill-equipped to handle your own situation effectively.

Facing Foreclosure Of Your Home

Getting behind on mortgage and loan payments can be equally stressful, especially if your bank or lender decides to foreclose on your home or property. You may not know what rights and protections you are afforded under the law, how to prepare for legal proceedings or stop a lender from selling your home or property. It's not uncommon to become overwhelmed by foreclosure proceedings or have questions about what to expect.

I Provide Strong Legal Counsel And A Sympathetic Ear

My name is attorney Irwin N. Sperling, and I understand the challenging situation you're up against. With my help, you can face your legal situation with confidence and realize options you never knew you had.

When you obtain my services, I will lend a sympathetic ear, listening to your entire situation, your problems and your future goals. After considering all the facts of the case, I will give you honest, forthright advice that will let you see the entire picture. Whether we resolve your collections or home foreclosure matters through negotiation or have to take your case to court, I will make sure you clearly understand the law, your rights and what option is best for your situation.

Contact My Firm

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