Facing The Challenge Of Serious Criminal Charges

When you are faced with serious criminal charges, you must make an important decision: do you seek legal representation immediately or do you attempt to handle the situation on your own? Whether you're facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, obtaining legal counsel is never considered a bad idea. In most cases, a criminal defense lawyer will know more about the situation than you do, and will be more equipped to protect your rights and point you in the right direction.

My name is attorney Irwin N. Sperling, and I understand the difficult situation criminal charges present individuals just like you. Even a misdemeanor charge may leave you feeling scared and afraid for your future. With my help, you can more effectively assert your right to a fair trial and face your accusers with confidence.

I Help You Defend Your Reputation And Protect Your Rights

I have been practicing criminal defense for over 37 years. I know how prosecutors work and that the plea deals they offer don't always have the accused person's best interests in mind. When you obtain my services, you can rest assured that my primary concern is protecting your rights and future freedoms. I look for resolutions you will be happy with, even if that means taking your case to trial.

I have considerable experience handling a wide variety of criminal charges, including offenses for:

  • Traffic violations – driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, speeding, moving violations and leaving the scene of a crash
  • Violent crimes – assault and battery, robbery and burglary, use of a deadly weapon, and domestic violence
  • Possession or sale of controlled substances – marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and prescription drugs
  • Theft – including shoplifting, identity theft and credit card fraud
  • White collar crimes – money laundering, mail fraud and other forms of fraud
  • Sex Crimes – sexual assault, rape, statutory rape and sex crimes involving a child

Defending Your Rights Since 1981 | Irwin N. Sperling

When you contact my law firm, Irwin N. Sperling P.A., your case is never handed off to an intake specialist. I will handle your case personally, providing you with personalized attention and individualized solutions. I will build a professional relationship with you that is bound to earn your trust and confidence.

Need further convincing? Contact my Orlando, Florida, office by calling 407-894-4627 or using this online contact form. Schedule a consultation today and meet with me, attorney Irwin N. Sperling.